Dog Tags

Residents are required to register their dogs annually with the Village by purchasing a dog identification tag. The tags expire June 30 each year. Tags are available at the Village Hall.

Why do I need to register my dog?

  • helps ensure all dogs in the Village have up-to-date vaccinations, which keeps your dog safe.
  • allows our police to identify your dog if need be.

What do I need to bring?

  • dog’s shot records


A. License Required: No person shall own, harbor or keep a dog in the Village unless a license is procured therefore as herein provided. Every owner of and every person who harbors or keeps a dog four (4) months old or older shall cause such dog to be licensed and shall report his or her name and address to the Village Clerk and the name, breed, color and sex of such dog. Such report on forms to be provided by the Village Clerk shall be made not later than ten (10) days after the occurrence of the following:
1. Such person shall acquire a dog four (4) months old or older, or
2. Such dog shall attain the age of four (4) months, and
3. Within thirty (30) days after the first day of May of each year for any dog required to be licensed on said date.

B. License Fees:
1. Annual Fees: The annual license fee for each year shall be paid at the office of the Village Clerk as follows:
a. Ten dollars ($10.00) for each dog owned, harbored or kept within the Village;
b. One-half (1/2) the fee set forth in subparagraphs A shall be charged in subparagraph B for any dog purchased or otherwise acquired after October 31 of any license year.
2. Failure to Pay Fee Within Required Time: In the event a license is not procured within the time required in subsection A, the fee for such license shall thereupon be as follows:
a. Twenty dollars ($20.00) per annum.

C. Rabies Inoculation Required: Every person who owns, harbors or keeps a dog subject to license hereunder shall cause said dog to be inoculated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian. No license shall be issued for said dog unless current evidence of such rabies inoculation shall be presented to the Village Clerk for entry in the Village Clerk’s register, hereinafter described.

D. Display of License Tags: Every dog shall be provided by the owner or keeper with a collar made of metal, leather or other substantial material, to which a license tag will be securely fastened; no dog shall be permitted to remain within the limits of the Village unless the owner or keeper thereof shall have caused the dog to be licensed as herein provided, and provided with such collar and tag.

Low Cost Rabies Clinic and Microchip Clinic