Central Bark Dog Park

About the Park:

Central Bark Dog Park is a great place to let your dog off the leash! One affordable membership allows you access to both the large and small dog parks year-round.

Trash receptacles and extra doggie bags are located in the park area for your convenience. Please be responsible when using the dog park by following the policies and procedures, including cleaning up after your dog.

The owner or other responsible person bringing any dog into the dog park must ensure the dog is wearing the dog license tag and dog park tag issued by the Village of Willow Springs.

We hope your dog enjoys running, playing, and socializing with other dogs in Central Bark. Remember to be safe, obey the rules, and respect the park and others.

Hours and Location:

Location: 201 Park St. in Willow Springs
Park Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Reporting an Issue:

To report an emergency, call 9-1-1.

To report a non-emergency situation or to anonymously report someone using the park who is not a member, call the Police at (708) 839-2732. Remember, someone using the park who has not been processed as a member did not submit vaccination records and could be dangerous to your dog.

To report when park maintenance is required, please call the Village Hall at (708) 467-3700.